Healing with the Seasons

Birthing Justice and Leading with the Heart  Spring 2014 Edition Healing with the Seasons

Wom(y)n of Color & the LGBTQ  community on the “Front Lines” heal from trauma, neglect, violence, poverty and internalized oppression mind, body and spirit! 

Dear Readers, I am back this spring with a powerful ONLINE MAGAZINE that will support you in being  your extraordinary, self expressed  self so you may lead your life and your work with a complete heart this spring and not from place of incomplete trauma that keeps holding you back from having it all. 

Here is a sneak peak at the table of contents and an expert from page 2.

” Healing Trauma: Every little girl has a story. The Spring calls all our inner little girls to come out and play. But what if your little girl does not want to come out to play? Little girls don’t play if they are in fear, scared, embarrassed, sad, alone, not feeling loved, cared for or safe.”
 Download the PDF on Scribd for $0.99.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed creating it for you! 
In BOLD Rebirth and Deliciously in Love with myself DEE

Happy Spring ! Happy B-Earth_Day

Women of Color Healing!

HAPPY B-Earth-Day! What a wonderful gift the spring brings to all of us! We get to give birth to ourselves and each other every year. As we get ready for Spring we are feeling the last days of winter and the last minute fears that are creeping in before our rebirth. If you find yourself crying these weeks your water has broken and your ready to come out into the world.

The seasons change and so do you. They provide you with the opportunity to heal from trauma and any incompletions from your past. Their is liberation in the transition of seasons granting you an in between time for a personal and collective journey of transformation. Spring brings those on the front lines, organizations and communities the ability to lead from a place of extraordinary power where you can have it all and not from a place of trauma where you loose it all.


Bring Dayanara Marte to your organization! 

Collaborate with “In Bold Rebirth” and  inspire revelations, breakthroughs and completions to stand in your truth, clarify the vision you want to birth into reality while healing from the wounds of oppression, trauma, violence, neglect and loss. Discover the parts within yourselves that you have disowned, reclaim your space of belonging and lead with spirit & purpose, intention and intuitive knowledge in your every day existence and at work.

Are you a leader in your life, on the front lines or hold a leadership position?  then this is for you! Authentic Leadership requires the healing of trauma, stepping into our power, having integrity with our word and being in constant revaluation and reflection. Join me on my journey!

Are you a leader in your life, on the front lines or hold a leadership position?  then this is for you! Authentic Leadership requires the healing of trauma, stepping into our power, having integrity with our word and being in constant revaluation and reflection. Join me on my journey!



Peace before us, Peace behind us, Peace to our left, Peace to our right, Peace above us, Peace below us, Peace unto me, Peace in our surroundings, Peace to all and Peace to the Universe! 

I chose the Hunab Ku, the symbol of the Mayan Calender, the four directions and the wings ofthe butterfly as my logo because I have declared 2012 as the year of my rebirth. The Mayans believe that on December 21st, 2012 there will be a spiritual transformation impacting humanity as we know it. As a spiritual worker on this human land I am preparing for my and our collective spiritual evolution. Join me in making this year a year of alignment and enlightenment towards a just world.         


A Winter Message and An Invitation to Face Your Fears with Courage and Dream in the Dark with InBold Rebirth!
Winter Medicine
To be in alignment we must first be in balance with the medicine that each season brings us. There is no coincidence that the New Year falls in the Winter season. It is here that we go within, the
 season invites us to be still, to be in introspection and listen to the  wisdom within because even the darkest season bears fruit but it depends on the inner work we do.
While winter invites us to sleep,to dream, to stay warm, indoors, relax and gather our energy for the
 return of the sun. The world is asking us to make decisions, be active and in participation with our lives. I on the other hand invite you to dream with me what your Rebirth will look like?
What would it look like for you to be in season with Winter as use its medicine for self love, transformation and healing?
The winter invites us to face our fears with courage. She has a plan for your rebirth if you trust her wisdom. The silence you are facing has alot to say, listen! The nights are long so you can dream your rebirth and the days are short so you can be still and take care of yourself. Winter brings to your awareness that which renders you powerless and brings darkness into your life. It challenges you,confronts you and shows you what you must change and also what it precious in your life that you want to continue to manifest.
What would it look like for our organizations to be in balance with theseason? Unfortunately,  this is a time when the fiscal year is over and many of us are facing our biggest fears cutting down and not delivering. But Winter has a gift and  asks that we also go within. Take this time to  limit our programming and spend time reflecting on and evaluatingthe last year, celebrating our accomplishments and dreaming next years programming. This is a good time to do staff development, strategic planning, strengthening organizational capacity, reviewing roles and responsibilities and letting go of the things you no longer need.
This Winter while the world hibernates , there is new life stirring inside us all. I invite you to dream with me, take a moment and celebrate your accomplishments last year, which ones do you want to build on and which ones will you let go of  to make way for your re-brith?
In Bold Rebirth  DEE

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