Contact me  if you want to be interviewed for Behind the Movement: A Gender Justice and Public Health Journal



Currently, Dayanara is Global Connect writer for Women’s eNews and Global Press Institute in their 6 month blogging project on gender justice reporting. I will be bringing the voice of women of color and the LGBTQ community on the front lines as they end violence in their lives mind, body and spirit through my BEHIND THE MOVEMENT series. 

Dayanara Marte is also A Citizen Journalist @ World Pulse! Read my articles as a Voices of Our Future 2010 Global  Correspondent and learn more about web 2.0 women citizen journalism and empowerment training!

Check out my “BEHIND THE MOVEMENT” Series on Women E News
….. As a Global  Connect Correspondent i bring you the intimate stories of womyn on the front lines while at the same time reporting on gender justice issues and the Public Health of young and adult wom(y)n.

Behind the Movement! Womyn on the Frontlines Speak! Featured stories…

During this economic crisis wom(y)n of color executive directors are having to make choice about their love and commitment to their organizations, movements or social justice issues they are working on and their self sustainability not only their own but those of their staff and all of the community that sustain from the organization. I  have been in conversation with wom(y)n on the front lines who are making tough choices, closing down or creating different strategies to take their love for the movement to the next level and create alternative systems of sustainability and self care in the process.
As a result I have become a citizen journalist reporting on Gender Justice through my Behind the Movement Newsletter, bringing you a social justice series featuring intimate interviews and a look at the  careers of womyn on the front lines, their journey of self healing and leadership.  Through the newsletter I will bring you the personal stories of  the most committed womyn in social justice movements in New York City. You will get a front row seat to their internal personal and organizational process as they bring the movement within and tackle the hardest issues and the impact  they have on their mind, body and spirit. They will talk about why they  integrate spirituality and healing into their mission and the lives of the people they work with. 
Below you will find  a series of features on different wom(y)n as they share their personal lives, the organization they work with  and the movement behind social justice that is in IN BOLD REBIRTH!

Women’s eNews and the Global Press Institute partnered on a pilot gender justice reporting and technology training class to strengthen connections between local and the global communities bringing issues effecting women’s participation in society to the forefront of reporting.Women E News


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