Crossing Paths: Meeting the Eyes of Immigrant Children Traveling Across Borders

As I prepare myself to meet the eyes of young women traveling across borders, rivers and mountains I wonder who will I meet? Will empty eyes meet mine the color of desert sand, will tough skin shake my hand dehydrated flowers, will once fertile wombs be graveyards for butterflies?, will they greet me in the language of spirits or the voice of death mourning the pieces of themselves that they left under rocks and trees they fell asleep on. Like early morning dawn I will greet them, restoring breathe, recreating life, stitching with the rising sun courage in tongues and power in bones, sewing music into the rhythm of her body creating flower arrangements in prayer of eyes stolen and celebration of rainbows moving carrying her spirit in rain… I will listen to her song!

Unaccompanied Minors at Naval Base Ventura County


I have 5 request please read….

1. We are looking for volunteers, I am posting this great opportunity to volunteer at Leak and Watts new program Unaccompanied Minors Program=Passage of Hope/Camino de Esperanza, working with the children crossing the borders towards residential and transitional planning and family reunification program. Today we received over 30 children and are excited to be supporting many more over the year. This is a brand new program and we are looking for all the support we can get. For more information you can ask me or go to look for volunteer/jobs with UAC next to it.

2. We are looking for donations for clothes and shoes for children newborn-18 years old both for the summer and preparing for winter. Please contact me 9173836265 as the federal government is not accepting donations but we are. I will be accepting donations toys, hygiene products, newborn supplies, bathing suits, recreational equipment, arts supplies etc. It is expected that we will be receiving 30 children every two weeks.

3. We know we can not do this alone! We are also putting together a resource pamphlet of all the CBO’s agencies, social workers, lawyers, hospitals, programs and schools that are working with immigrant children and their families that we can refer them to. Please send me any information that you may have or where we can look.

4. We will be doing group therapy with them, basic know your rights and empowerment, prevention, grounding trauma towards preparation for transitions. If there is any materials that you have or websites i can look at that are bilingual please let me, Dayanara Marte, by emailing me at

5. If there any teachings, readings, videos etc that can contextualize in a radical way what is happening at the border please let me know.

In gratitude
Dayanara Marte, MPH
UAC Clinician


2 thoughts on “Crossing Paths: Meeting the Eyes of Immigrant Children Traveling Across Borders

  1. I would like to help, I could volunteer on Saturday’s for a few hours. I could also look through my stuff to see what I can donate.

    • Hi, Lisa thank you for responding. i will find out the number where you can contact to volunteer directly by mid week and if you have anything to donate we can arrange for you to bring it or mail it.

      Love DEE

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