Documenting the IMPACT!  BRAND NEW FOR 2015

How do you tell people about what you do?
What do you give funders or community?
Tired of making up a new brochure every time?
Tired of having meetings to come up with the “right way” to say things?
With the rise of social media and the decrease in funding, it is important to document the work, stories, best practices and cultural specific-trauma informed tools and models that you are developing.
Let me create them for you! Make yourself competitive.
This year I am…
  • Documenting the IMPACT! Creating training guides, curriculum and model design, best practice manuals and toolkits.  Read more…
  • Offering Executive Healing and Transformative Coaching for staff and individuals on the front lines lines.
  • Trauma Informed Technical Assistance, Trainings and Capacity Building 
  • Healing Personal and Organizational Trauma

Dayanara Marte provides technical assistance and  trainings for individuals on the front lines and the spaces they work with in.

  • Social Workers/Health Care Providers
    and their clients
  • Advocates, Service Provider
    Criminal Justice Enforcement
  • Organizers/Activist
  • Executive Directors/Front line managers and their staff
  • Community Based Organizations
    and their participants
  • Colleges Students
  • Artist and Healers

Dayanara Marte creates programs, retreats, workshops and trainings for targeted populations most impacted by violence, injustice, neglect, poverty and oppression.

  • Youth/Elders
  • Homeless
  • Incarcerated
  • Women/Men People of Color
  • Runaway
  • Foster care/Adoption
  • Immigrant, Refugees
  • Rape/Sexual Assault/Incest/Molestation/DV/IPV
  • Trafficking
  • LGBT
  • And their allies…

Dayanara Marte builds personal and leadership development to address internal and organizational trauma.

  • Addiction/Recovery
  • Child Welfare
  • Cultural Competence/Trauma Informed
  • Criminal and Juvenile Justice
  • Reproductive Justice
  • Disaster and Post Traumatic Stress
  • Displaced Populations
  • International and Global issues
  • Mental Health
  • Social and Economic Issues
  • Spirituality/Health and Wellness
  • Violence Against Women & LGBTQ Population
  • Environmental Crisis, Manmade and Natural Disaster
  • Family Violence
  • Cultural Competence/Cultural Humility

Dayanara Marte develops training, curriculum and model designs, best practices manuals/guides. Most currently Dayanara edited and co-authored Shades of Change: A Guide for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Providers working with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People of Color. To purchase this amazing guide go to or call 518432-4188.

shades of change cover


Dayanara Marte is available for workshops, presentations, conferences, speaking engagements, healing retreats, and support groups with young and adult women of color and their allies, youth, LGBTQ community and immigrants.  Contact me @


As it is many not for profits struggle with providing everyday healthcare for ourselves and our staff. At a time when we are cutting down our budgets and facing tough economic times In BOLD Rebirth provides personal and organizational health care (violence/trauma prevention, self care actions plans and conscious accountability) to support and develop the quality of life of the the people we work with and our organizations.



IN BOLD REBIRTH Consulting creates the possibility of all Wom(y)n being bold legacy, an explosion of self expression, free global leaders and unimaginable courage.

Every time In Bold Rebirth works in community with womyn , works with a womyn led organization, works individually with a young or adult womyn or speak at a womyns event it supports young and adult wom(y)n and the LGBTQ community on the front lines heal from poverty, neglect, trauma, abuse, internalized oppression, and violence in their lives mind, body and spirit.

I am out to create a BOLD Organization to develop women to powerfully live into their future, birthing sustainable families and organizations and leading a new world.



In BOLD Rebirth provides self care/healing tools, workshops and development opportunities so that womyn powerfully live into their future, birthing sustainable families and organizations and leading a new world.

Example of Workshops include:
1. Identity Mapping: Contextualizing our lives within Personal & Historical Trauma
2. Impact of Trauma on the mind, body and spirit of others and yourself
3. Internalized Oppression/Power & Oppression and the relationships we build

4. Self Healing/Spiritual & Cultural tools of Healing Truama
5. Creating safe healing spaces in our lives, organizations and movements
6. Conscious Accountability-Self Care Action Planning
7.  Reproductive, Mental and Public Health: Personal and Social dis-ease’s and addiction as a result of truama

8. Healing with Trauma with the Seasons-getting in balance with the cycle of life and death as it relates to our life experiences and the world we are creating

Contact me:
I customize workshops and trainings, organize healing retreats, speaking engagement, conferences, offer collective or personal healing circles.

I provide tools for self care and self awareness so you can identify and
connect your personal struggle to local & global issues and contextualize
your life so you are not a victim to it but that the past serves you to find your purpose.

I train social justice organizations, nonprofits, businesses and institutions in supporting and building their staffs young and elder, volunteers, interns, students and participant’s individual or collective leadership capacity and org & program development by creating safe spaces of healing from trauma

Listen to me talk about my work on   She Leads Radio with 
she leads radio
Piper Anderson

TOPIC: Rebirth, Resilient, Resound!  Our stories have the power to heal and incite social change. I share the mic with  Artistic Creators of Coming Out Muslim, Wazina Zondon and Terna Tilley-Gyado.


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