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Trauma happens individually, Healing happens in community. 
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Have you ever thought there is a different way to do this work?  Is internalized oppression impacting your organization? Want to bring  healing, health and wellness, spirituality and trauma to your work and don’t know how?  Have an idea to support your organization and community but need support manifesting it? 
Join an extraordinary community of individuals and organizations committed to ending violence in this lifetime. See what they are saying about collaborating with Dayanara Marte. 

“Be ready to be surprised.  And be ready to go deep so that you can rise above.” Cece Carpio, Trust your Struggle  

Dayanara is able to give unconditional support from a place of wisdom, intellect and experience. Her unwavering commitment to healing is felt and experience through her words and compassion. Dayanara allowed me to see different perspectives that many times, I don’t allow myself to see. She does this with a balance of gentleness and firmness of an offering, which has allowed me to see and experience a different point of view beyond my beliefs.

Dayanara is able to a friend and advisor both at the same time in a way that makes me feel truly supported.  Her availability and accessibility has been very generous.  Her holistic approach of kindness, humor, and “real talk” grounds me, and at the same time challenges me to take risks.

I would highly recommend working with Dayanara.  I would tell them to be ready to be surprised.  And be ready to go deep so that they can rise above.

Cece Carpio,  Trust Your Struggle

Witnessing Dayanara Marte’s facilitation has been an incredible unfolding for me.  She is a truly skilled and gifted facilitator and coach who has been a core leader in helping to build the Standing in Our Power network for women of color social justice leaders.  From the way she intentionally designs the physical space and sets the tone to moving people through a process of self and group awareness, she fosters transformation and allows for powerful outcomes. Dayanara’s methodology of helping people heal from trauma so they can be empowered and effective in their work is powerful and needed in our social justice ecosystem. She models being vulnerable and introduces communication tools that inspires people to open up, speak truthfully and do the work that many of us will chose to avoid if we our feet is not held to the fire.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with her and highly recommend her facilitation and coaching services.

Taij Kumarie Moteelall, Program Director, Spirit in Action

When I first began working with Dayanara, my organization had experienced extreme frustration and anger that was preventing us from moving forward with our strategic plan. Since I knew about the healing work Dayanara was engaged in, it made perfect sense for me to invite her in to help us repair our relations and refocus on our goals. She helped us to first acknowledge that the work we do in the community is the result of hundreds of years of trauma and we need to be aware of how we respond to trauma that triggers us. The use of flight, fight or freeze responses help us to become more self aware, developing mechanisms to interact productively in our diverse setting. Dayanara brings her full self into engagement with you. She is concerned with the professional and personal, understanding that these things do not exist in a vacuum, separate and apart from each other. When working with Dayanara you have to be open to new techniques and self healing. Most importantly to build a level of trust that allows you to be vulnerable and accepting. After working with her my organization was able to move forward in determining our organizational model after two previously failed attempts.

Aleciah Anthony,  Executive Director of the North West Bronx Community & Clergy Coalition

Hey Dee!! It was great to finally meet you too! I’ve followed you on FB since you presented a webinar for us years ago. I’m always touched, reminded and inspired by your writings and work, completely love what you do! Although the healing activity the other day was intense, it was exactly what I needed. I’ve been stuck in a place for a while, and like you said I thought that I’d dealt with what keeps me stuck, but I hadn’t. When you asked us what we’re leaving behind, I honestly thought I had nothing to leave. But i couldn’t let go of this idea that there is something that gets in the way of my loving others and feeling worthy of being loved. It’s affected all of my relationships and even though I’ve worked towards it or so I like to think. I’ve never really gotten to that point of truly loving myself and others freely and allowing myself to know love…I think it stems from feelings of abandonment in my relationship with my dad, I was never a priority as a child, he didn’t protect and keep me safe from harm, he was emotionally unavailable. Although our relationship is better now, I still feel those deep rooted feelings of anger, hurt, betrayal, and I end up with partners who treat me in those ways and that’s what I chose to leave behind in Chicago this week, all of those feelings and experiences where I got the message that I wasn’t worth loving or capable of loving. As I took off in the plane yesterday morning to come back home, I said to myself what I was leaving behind never to pick up again. It’ll be a welcome challenge to change my way of being and my behaviors as I move forward in terms of loving and letting others love me. I remembered what you said, “you can’t do for others what you can’t do for yourself” – something so simple, yet so in your face which was a wake up call for me. For me, the experience of sharing the healing circle space with you was unlike any other that I’ve ever had, and I thank you for that! It was intense, it brought up unexpected feelings, it left me completely drained. But it’s opened a door for me to walk through to do more of my own healing work. I’m at a place today where I am eager to start that journey of true self love towards myself and others, and I’m ready to be loved without preconceived ideas, biases, expectations. Thank you so much for sharing who you are with all of us! I know that I’m not the only person who walked out of that healing circle a different person. Mil gracias mujer!!! You are truly an inspiration!!!

Un abrazo, Staff of Casa Esperanza 

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Client List

East Side House Settlement- Washington Heights, NYC

HighSchool for Excellence and Innovation, Washington Heights, NYC

Class Action-Boston, MA

Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services

Spirit in Action- North Carolina

Standing in Our Power- Ohio & NYC

Rhizome Consulting Project, Oakland California

MEDCON Associates – Westchester, NYC

SCESCA ( The National Organization of Sisters of Color Ending Sexual Assault )- Nevada

Coordinadora Paz Para La Mujer- Puerto Rico

Casa de Esperanza –  St Paul, MN

Casa Atabex Ache –South Bronx

Mothers on the Move- South Bronx

Freedom Inc- Wisconsin

North West Bronx Clergy Coalition- South Bronx

Girls for Gender Equity- Brooklyn, NYC

Nos Quedamos- Bronx, NY

Milagros Day- New York, NY

World Pulse-Portland

8th Annual Sexual Assault Conference, Puerto Rico, Humacao April 26th, 2012

Gracia a Coordinadora Paz Para La Mujer de Puerto Rico por invitarme a presentar en la 8va conferencia annual sobre la agresion sexual. Que honor haber compartido este dia con estas mujeres maravillosas y poderosa que no solamante estan luchando por su país, pero para la sanación y la transformación de las mujeres.

Thank you to  Coordinadora Paz Para La Mujer in Puerto Rico for inviting me to present at their 8th Annual Sexual Assault Conference. It was a honor to have shared this amazing day with all you courageous and powerful women that are not only fighting for your country but for the healing and transformation of the women.

Le mando mucho amor y apoyo a todas, especialmante a Yolanda Bigio y Vilma Gonzalez Castro por creer en mi y dandome el espacio para participar. Un tremendo abrazo a las panelistas que presentaron conmigo, a Carmen Perez Cruz por se corazon grande y Arte Sana y Gilda F. Rodriguez

What an honor to have presented and shared a healing space with my sisters in Puerto Rico.
• Tema #3: Casa Atabex Ache: “Grupos de Apoyo Basado en un Modelo
Holístico, Espiritual y Cultural”
• Recurso: Dayanara Marte, New YorkTalleres concurrentes – PM• Taller #1: “Re-Nacer con Poder” (In Bold Rebirth)
• Recurso: Dayanara Marte, New York
TESTIMONIAL: What a Beautiful Message!  

Fue un dia de gran aprendizaje, experiencias y procesos de sanacion. Dayanara , gracias por darme la oportunidad de conocerte y compartir tu experiencia profesional y de vida, en Puerto Rico , tienes una hermana, un abrazo

Translation: It was a day of great learning, experiences and healing processes. Dayanara, thanks for giving me the opportunity to meet and share your life experience. In Puerto Rico you have a sisters. HUGS!
Vanessa Prado Sevilla

Listen to me on my first WEBINARS (spanish/english) incollaboration with Casa de Esperanza Dec 2011! 

 TOPIC: Healing Tools to Empower Advocates: Self Empowerment/Healing Leadership Development Training/Building Personal Capacity 

Herramientas para el cuidado personal de intercesoras

PowerPoint Spanish

Al cerrar el año queremos tomar un momento para reflexionar sobre los éxitos y los retos que hemos tenido en nuestros trabajos para erradicar la violencia domestica. Este seminario web les proveerá información sobre: 1)como cuidarse mientras apoya a víctimas y sobrevivientes de violencia domestica y acoso sexual; 2) el impacto que tiene el trauma en su mente, cuerpo y espíritu; 3) prácticas de cuidado propio que apoyan a l@s proveedores de servicios a reclamar sus cuerpos y voces; y 4) como conectarse con sus propias necesidades para que puedan ayudar a formar y crear el mundo en que desean vivir hoy.

Healing Tools to Empower Advocates: Self Empowerment/Healing Leadership Development Training/Building Personal Capacity

PowerPoint English

As the year comes to and end it is important to take a moment to reflect on the successes and challenges of working towards ending violence against women and children. This webinar will provide advocates with information on: 1)how to take care of themselves while they support victims/survivors; 2) the impact that trauma has on their mind, body and spirit; 3) self care practices that will support advocates to reclaim their bodies and voice; and 4) how to connect with their own needs so they can proactively shape the world they want to live in today.


FREEDOM INC @ In Bold Rebirth Retreat Oct 2011 and Healing Justice Tour through Wisconsin & Chicago!


In Bold Rebirth Launches at the National Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada June 2011 in collaboration with   The National Organization of Sisters of Color Ending Sexual Assault (SCESA)

TESTIMONIAL: “Now, I begin my journey of forgiving myself for  not allowing myself to fully participate in the  experience of living without the boundaries of fear” 
      SCESA Institute, National Organization of Sisters of Color Ending Sexual Assault, Nevada 2011


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