#saymyname Winter Solstice Global Call -This Monday

Solstice call2015flyer

This has been a tough year, losses of family and friends, disease has entered our lives and the lives of our loved ones, death has knocked on our doors in different ways that broke us , life changing decisions were made that we had no control over and so many more things happened that had us fall to feel as if we are never or will never stand back up. Its been a day to day moment to moment practice of choosing life, love, peace and more important of choosing yourself this past year. You could have easily given up but you didn’t.

The universe puts a spiritual warrior through a process of refinement and this year was just that. You have been being refined, you have been purging, letting go of things, ways of being , people you once loved and developing you character along the way without you even knowing. You have worked on issues of guilt and shame that have come up for you , abandonment, not feeling enough and not belonging and you have wondered does anybody love you. Spiritual warriors are vessel through which the universe creates and manifest. but first you must be cleaned out and put in situations where you have to depend on grace and faith to survive. You must overcome fear, criticism, rejection, jealous people. That is part of the making of a spiritual warrior. This year has been building courage inside of you by having you make decision you might not even agree with, out of your norm or comfort zone. You have have had to take a stand and put yourself first.

But something is stirring underneath of it all, something inside of you that has been silenced, undermined and misunderstood. You are not crazy, from wars at home and abroad, inside and around you we are finding ways to redefine sanity in this insane world and still raise children, create families and still dream and believe that another worl is possible. Spiritual warriors you are being called to rise, encouraged to speak up and out and bring LOVE fourth in the mist of war. The universe is calling you to sound the alarm and awaken the people, those that have been oppressed and ignored to come fourth. The universe is calling you to challenge the parts of you that has been hidden. Let every nation, city and community hear you and acknowledge you. It is time to fulfill your calling. It is time for restoration and healing. No weapon formed against you will prosper.

When the darkness over comes the light who will you be, what can you be counted on and where will you be standing?


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