My first published article in Elephant Journal. How to Survive when going Home for Holidays is Difficult.

Check out my first published article of 2015 in the fierce Elephant Journal, How to Survive going Home for Holidays is Difficult. The first 24 hours are vital in getting it into the world. If my article reaches the 2,000 + view mark within the first few days, it will be feature on Elephant Journal Popular Lately section on their front page.That would mean that 2000 women would have yet another opportunity to heal from violence and be empowered knowing they are not alone. So please pay it forward and post widely, Facebook, instagram, post on your blogs and newsletters. If the stats are true then each of us know at least one womyn that has been impacted by violence.

Excerpt from my Article,
A couple of years ago, I went back to the Dominican Republic to find my biological mother. And without thinking about it, almost instinctively, the first person that I thought about who would not only know where to start looking for her but would also go with me to find her, was the man who abused me as a child.”
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