Every Little Girl has a story to tell….

“When a women tells her story she leaves a legacy. When a women writes her story she leaves footprints on the planet for others girls to follow! Support this girl in writing her-story.” by Dayanara Marte

Support this little girl in telling her story in her own voice! Donate Today@gofundme


Dear Community,

I am excited to share with you that with your support this June I will be attending VONA, voices writing residency @ UC Berkeley with Stacyann Chin.

Over the past year I have been writing and healing. My journey of self love has been an extraordinary one and as a result i am creating a self-healing book for me and you.

1. The reality is that one in every three women on the planet will be physically or sexually abused in her lifetime which will most likely occur when she is a little girl in which she will experience or witness, child abuse, child sexual abuse, sexual assault or incest.

2. Everyday 1500 women die while giving birth to a new life from dis-ease, violence, poverty and malnutirition.

3. When a women is born she is born with the next generation of women inside of her ovaries.

4. Just like resiliency, when a little girl is born she carries a legacy of violence and trauma in her mind, body and spirit.

One story that is her own and the other runs through her veins having been passed down
through generations.

Every Little girl has a dream. Every little girl is born fully self expressed. She dares to dream to play, to laugh, to love. Every little girl is born powerful, courageous, beautiful and worthy, there is nothing in this world she cannot do… And then something happens. All over the WORLD little girls have a story to tell and they have a right to tell it in their own voices. Support this little girl in writing her-story in her own voice. Give her an opportunity to write it so no one else writes it for her!

By Supporting “In BOLD Rebirth” my memoir, you will be transforming the lives of millions of womyn, communities and organizations globally. Little girls will be liberated, filled with awakened voices creating unrecognizable futures and falling deeply in love with themselves.

Help me get to VONA and DONATE NOW. I am raising 3,000k and I am asking for your contribution and generosity. Anything you can give is enough!

1. This is a great opportunity to meet up, catch up and create more memories, dinner, lunch, laugh, love and build. call me!
2. Take on the cause and commit to raising a certain amount by sharing it with people that you know would like to support me.
3. Even before its done I am available for speaking engagements, workshops, training’s, conference, retreats, and peer counseling. contact me and find more information at inboldrebirth@gmail.com.

It takes a community to raise children. It takes powerful womyn and special men to raise little girls.

Thank you for being the community that has raised me all over again.

In BOLD Rebirth Dee


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