Today, I declare myself restored!

Today, I declare myself restored!

Lately, you may have been challenged by the silent struggle of winter. i know I have! You may have found yourself lying in bed or sitting in your office or on the drive home in your car or the subway rehearsing your own thoughts, playing old reruns from the scenes in your life–some things you may be able to explain and  create a rational for. while other things don’t make sense and those you are just going to have to let time heal them and complete with.

Restoration doesn’t mean that those people, places or things that you have lost will return, some we don’t want back but the mourning of it all feels hard. Giving ourselves a space of restoration means that silence will give way for the universe to give purpose to the years of questions marks. Sitting still when the earth is asking us to wake up and the sun is returning may be hard but yor body is already asking you to give it time, a couple of more weeks of winter. this may be difficult if you are someone that takes care of others, because this is asking you to sit and nourish yourself.

Today, I am committed to getting back the power that I once had. Today, I declare that I am restored to my natural state. My mind, my body, my spirit, my emotions and my physical body are back to optimal health, strength, resilient and together powerful. The term “restores” indicates process. Sometimes the journey seems impossible to me but I know its not all lost for will-power lives within me.

For every women facing winter, know that there is new life stirring within!


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