It’s a Seasonal Thing: Winter Womyn

Today I have been thinking about IMANI, the seventh day of Kwanzaa meaning FAITH and I couldn’t get myself to write. On the first day of Kwanzaa, I started the “I Am Birthing” Campaign, 8 days ago today. Every day I wrote about what each day meant for me, I let go and I declared in preparation for the new year. And today on the last day i couldn’t write. Kept wondering where my Fatih had gone. And so i prayed, I sat in silence and i thought about 2012 and 2013. Where I had been and where I am going. I realized i couldn’t have the question and the answer. Life just doesn’t work like that. S0, I asked GOD and this is what he said.

Winter Women

“Just because the glare of summer does not beat upon your face doesn’t mean there is nothing left for you to do. Be a women of genuine FAITH, the faith that has lived in you through every season of your life-is the secret power of preparation for every winter woman. Dont allow changing times to change who you are. It is dangerous to loose your identity in your circumstances. Circumstances change and when they do, woman can feel empty and unfulfilled. Just because the demands have changed doesn’t mean your life is over. REDEFINE your PURPOSE, gather your assets, and keep on living and giving.”   TD Jakes

So, my sisters and my community. The principle of IMANI is FAITH, it is to believe with all our  hearts in…. But how far can you get when you don’t even have faith in yourself.  It is winter and whether we like it or not the darkness has come, death is upon us, the cold is chilling our bones, dis-ease has manifested in our bodies, going within is up on us and if we dont have faith that this season shall too pass and that we will come out on the other side then we will miss winters healing medicine.

So many of our communities are loosing hope, they feel forgotten, forced to leave behind everything and start over, scared of the unknown, rebuild and create from nothing, look into their children eyes and let them know its going to be okay but not really sure how. Mothers, Fathers lost family members, immigration, war, devastation, forcing outcomes we are not ready for. Separating us, ripping at the seams memories, cultura, spirit and any faith that we can do this any different, that we can do this without them, that we can do this without our souls intact. Memories,no place for traditions, loosing love way to soon, getting down to the heart of the matter, where do broken hearts go? and in the face of it all when the night hits and the tears fall there are questions your children will ask, that you have already asked yourself  a dozen times but still don’t have the answers to.

But we look back and see how far we have come and we look forward and see how far we can still go. We back our bags, the resentments, the pain, the lessons, the hurt, the answered questions, the fear of the unknown, we look at ourselves and see ourselves in our children’s eyes, in the eyes of the community and we know that we must go and move forward. That in that journey is where the answers lay, is where tomorrow lies. But before we go as if on instinct, we pray, we call our ancestors, we light a candle and we ask for safety on the journey and in return as if on cue FAITH comes in and sweeps us off our feet. Suddenly everything is possible and we believe in ourselves again.

Winter Womyn declare Faith in your life for your REBIRTH is necessary.


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