A Late Summer Message–Summer Medicine and Healing tools to Transform Trauma into Personal Power!


Its been way too long and I am excited to put out the Summer Public Health Journal of In Bold Rebirth. Read below for a special message and then click the link for full articles. Please enjoy!
A Summer Message! Courageous Visioning and Passionate Sustainability! 




Summer calls us into creative action.  This is the time to use our erotic energy to unleash the passionate energy within to organize for justice! 




Happy Summer Solstice  
Today, I celebrate my existance and my accomplishments. As the sun rises, sits still and listens, I pray for strength and courage to continue to fight injustice in my lifetime. I use my creative powers to organize sisterhoods of celebration and healing. I am rooted in my ancestors, grounded in what I most care about and use my erotic powers to stand for 
1. Womyn Liberated! 
2. Peace on earth! 
3. A World without Borders!
4. Dreams Fulfilled! 
5. Awakened Voices! 
6. Passionate Sustainability!
7. A re-LOVE-ution and Evolution of Humanity!
8.Spiritual Awakening! 
9. Global Visionaries! 
10. The Full Self Expression of Sex and Sexuality!                                                                                                                                


Summer Medicine-Transforming POWER! How do we move oursleves and our organizations into Action when we feel powerless?


To be in alignment we must first be in balance with the medicine that each season brings us. There is no coincidence that Summer is about passion and justice. It is here that the earth reflects to us the power we have within to make the impossible, possible. It is in the direction of the South that we ground into what we are most committed to, what we most care about and our vision for the future.Summer  invites us to love one another, to have self determination and to live into ones purpose. It teaches us to be loyal and to be accountable for our actions. This summer let love and generosity ,power and courage, strength and determination, passion and commitment  lead our struggles. 




You might ask yourself:


  • How do I reclaim my personal power? In the face of  loss of control over my body due to physical or sexual abuse, sexual assault , relationship abuse as an adolescence, being assaulted, raped, and rejected. 
  • How do you  transform power and vision another world?  when this summer I have come face to face with my biggest fears, the dark places in our lives, communities that are not working, when injustice continues to prevail through power over relationships, when our organizations still need resources and we are still unemployed? 
  • How do you  sustain courage when it feels like there is war within our own movements? For in this very place you have experienced betrayal, shame, criticism, judgement and isolation.


 The change of season promises us a new day! A spiritual rebirth is promised by Summer and this will require for us to be courage, be strength, be integrity and be powerful in the face of all that renders us powerless. It is in the Solar Plex that our power lies, it is here that  our will power and the fire to fight lives. 




 This end of Summer  I invite you to  get awake to the level which your are asleep and look at what is missing in your life such that if it was present you would be able to create your future right now! Let your adolescent speak through you. What would it look like to BIRTH A NEW DAY in your organization and in your life?!  What would it look like to BIRTH JUSTICE in this world and  in this movement?! 




Coming back home! Remember with everything going on we sometimes  forget our purpose or why we started social justice in the first place.Look within you to find the answers,complete with what haw gotten done, what you did or didn’t, forgive yourself  and acknowledge yourself for your accomplishments.   Create a self care action plan that includes love and take your adolescent to their favorite place. Include a space for acknowledgments in your organization! 




 In Bold Rebirth  DEE





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