The summer sols…


The summer solstice call on us womyn to shine!

To illuminate that which s(he) have been hiding, our most powerful courageous self.

It requires us to use our erotic power to manifest our hearts desires.

It calls our most sacred self into exsistence.

And brings fourth our creative spirit to lead the way. 

It is your divine right to live into your deepest desires no matter what society says. 


Summer passions, Summer love! 

Is all about being fully self expressed in the face of feeling powerless. 

Its about bieng  intimacy in the face of shame and guilt. 

Its about loving deeply in the face of never wanting to be vulnerable. 


Shades of Red, orange and yellow

Those are her colors

Summer they call her

the colors of the rising  sun everyday 

flaunting her beauty for the world  to see

every morning she 

flirts with the moon, giving us only a sneak peek into the journey of the day ahead

She is beautiful and abundant

beautiful black skin, taino features adorned with citrine and coral crystals


But she lives in fear

Survivng everyday afraid of the unknown

Change brings inbalance

She is in constant self preservation

Cause she has been hurt


At the root they took away her spirit

Stolen adolescence

It wasnt her  period that had come down

Instead in her belly, the base of the spine

she bleeds

for every womyn rape, abortion, child sexual abuse

Sexual assault, domestic violence 

she has been beaten and disconnected from her roots


Who am I?

The questions the summer solstice brings

i feel powerless in this home I call my body

My spirit is homeless

somewhere on this journey called my life I lost myself and my will power

i am tired, I feel hopeless in the face of war on humanity, my community

I am emotionally numb but pregnant with strength and resiliency

Cause this summer is my bold rebirth


I deserve to be here,we deserve to be here

The longest day of the year requires us to be present

Awake and Alive

My people rise with the morning sun

I affirm on this summer solstice that i am FREE, we are FREE! 

We have the right to know where we come from

We have the right to feel powerful

I have the right to act on my behalf 

on the behalf of all the womyn that cant


This summer I will love my body and its wisdom

for the blood of  my ancestors runs through it

and they know what I don’t cause they have been her before

They keep me safe 

I will find pleasure  in my life cause I deserve it

and I will celebrate my sexuality as a tool of resistence

for you thought I was dead

but the fire in me didnt go out

It  burned through all the blocks and fears 

that you created in me 

and painted over my skin, healing my heart

reconnecting me, grounding me, reclaiming me

recreating me and you


Like the sun 

I will rise 

on this summer solstice day, i will rise

and you will call me SUMMER! 


Published by In Bold Rebirth (Dee) 6/19/2012


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