NOTE TO SELF on Transparent Thursdays…

NOTE TO SELF on Transparent Thursdays...

Today, I am impeccable with my word and that means that I use my word for justice, peace and love and for the greater good of humanity. From today on forward my heart speaks for me!

Today, I want to take full responsibility for creating spaces in my life where my word and of those around me can crumble as we speak it, a space where our word holds no weight and if our word was the floor no one would be able to walk on it, a space with no accountability for people’s actions and how they show up.

Gossip doesn’t exist without the participation of others and I take responsibility and hold myself accountable for the times I have participated in and used my word and my ability to communicate as gossip, whether i am the one creating it, entertaining it , watching it or being silence in the matter.

Today, i create my life as a space where people speak about me and to me with respect, honor and generosity.

In my life there no space for anyone whose intent is to use their word with such force and velocity as to destroy the people, the community, the sisterhood, the very organizations, families, movements and collectives that they have created.

As a result , I am requesting that we all look at the spaces in our lives where we need to clean up our word. Love is the language of communication and there is no love in gossip. Movements cannot exist without love,gossip destroys them and the love that we give ourselves, each other and others in our life.

Today, I am a stand for love, peace and justice. And in that stand how I show up is impeccable with my word and what I create is nothing but pure loving spaces, safe space of sisterhood and unconditional love.



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