NOTE TO SELF on Freedom Fridays!

NOTE TO SELF on Freedom Fridays!

Today I declare my freedom from all negative thoughts that I have about me and you. I deserve love and all that my heart desires. I am picking myself off the cracks of the floor that have created for myself up to this day. I bring wholeness into all the areas of my life because I am the only master of my life and I get to say with you, when, where and what I want in my life! I am worthy to sit at the table with you, I have a right to be where you are and where I am at, in the position i hold both in this spiritual and human world. Today, I pray and affirm that my heart is healed and welcome my life as it is right now and if there is anything that is not for my greater good may it turn into light and reflect what is possible and the lesson it is here to teach me!


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