NOTE TO SELF on Wellness Wednesday!

NOTE TO SELF on Wellness Wednesday!

Yes, you, you are beautiful, Yes you, you are powerful, Yes you, you are resilient and more valuable than a diamond..India Arie

YES You, you who has a broken heart, you who has been abused, sexually assaulted, abandoned, rejected and lied to. Yes you, who is angry, lost, confused, afraid. Yes you, who doubts, who self sabotages and mutilates, Yes you, who thinks she’s invisible, not good enough and deserving. Yes you, whose little girl needs love, to be seen and heard.

Yes YOU! you deserve an apology, I am Sorry.
Yes YOU! you deserve love, I love you!
Yes YOU! you deserve to be seen and heard, I see you and hear you!

YES YOU! they had no right! but it doesn’t mean they didn’t love you it means that they loved you as much as they love themselves and that is all they have to give! Its not about you , its all about them.

You my dear are whole, perfect and complete just the way you are!


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