NOTE TO SELF on Its all about ME Mondays!


How do we re-learn trust when sometimes are very own families didn’t keep their word? When the abuse and the trauma we experience happen in whats suppose to be the safest place our HOME! When broken promises, broken hearts and  broken words occur with the people we love the most? Trust however, does not live outside of us! It comes from you learning that no matter what you are the expert of your life and that you made the best decision you could have made in that moment, no matter the outcome. If we make ourselves wrong for every decision we make than we don’t trust ourselves, our spirit,  our ancestors our purpose . NOTE: Every moment is a moment of learning towards your true authentic self without all the hurt and pain. Every life experience means you are ALIVE in this world and in constant transformation. There is nothing you go through that is not divinely permitted and supernaturally orchestrated so that that which would paralyze you now is a tool to motivate you so you can live a fearless life. 


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