NOTE TO SELF on Freedom Fridays!

NOTE TO SELF on Freedom Fridays!

Sometimes when we are on a journey of transformation, healing or recovery and learning new life skills we forget that this too is a growth process no matter the age, its not an arrival of perfection. It takes practice not just of yourself but those around you to get to know your new self, your new heart, your new way of being. Stop being so critical of yourself. Stop being ashamed or judgmental of others and yourself if you find that you are slipping back into your old ways and behaviors. Have compassion, be aware, take responsibility and then practice self love and the language of letting go. Every moment in our lives is a teachable moment, learn the lesson with grace and ease, be in GRATITUDE and choose your REBIRTH in the next moment. TODAY, lets practice LOVING and ACCEPTING ourselves for who we are and where we are in our process!


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